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A vacation in Tel Aviv can take you to some wonderful and amazing places. There is a whole host of cultural places to visit, historical sites, exciting spots along the many beaches, and the stunning harbor which is world renowned. In fact, Tel Aviv has rightfully earned its place among the top five vacation destinations to visit in the world! 

The many different types of people who live and work in Tel Aviv itself will tell you that in order to truly experience the real Tel Aviv, you need to get away from the hotels which tend to create their own version of Tel Aviv. Instead, you need to rent one of the holiday apartments Tel Aviv has to offer in the residential area of the city. By doing this you are able to immerse yourself in the local culture and experience a different side of Tel Aviv, while still staying close enough to all of the main attractions and sights that this eventful metropolis has to offer.

Renting a holiday apartment in Tel Aviv allowes you to enjoy the best of all worlds- your location is just far enough for lovely quite evenings on your balcony or in the garden, away from the city
lights and noise, surrounded by your companions and the stars. And then again- you are a 10 minutes walk from the next best party in town, or streets full of attractions and beautiful people.

But its more than that. Staying at a holiday apartment in Tel Aviv gives you a totally different atmosphere and feeling. Surrounded by proper furniture, a fully equipped kitchen, and décor that is personal to the owner, you get a true Tel Aviv home feeling, instead of a clinical, lifeless hotel room where you will be surrounded by a common simple dullness.

And there's more, actually. The truth of the matter is no hotel with the facilities we offer, will cost what we charge. You're not only getting more for your money,much more, you're also assuring yourself the best quality and most comfortable accommodation, where you get to live just how you like it.

We are on call to answer any of your questions, provide information, and help you find the best option for your stay in Israel. So take a look around, check out all of the apartments, and let us know how we can be of help in making your reservation. We know that once you stay in one of our apartments, you will always want to return to your new home-away-from-home in Israel, with us at Holiday-Rentals Israel.

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