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Will someone from "Holiday-Rentals" meet us at the apartment?


Our representative will be waiting for you inside the apartment to help you get settled in and answer any questions. 48 hours prior to your arrival, one of our representatives will email you to confirm the check-in time so we can arrange the appointment. Please let us know as soon as you can if there are any changes in your schedule. After booking you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the apartment address, important details and a short recap of the services included in your package. We're here for you if you have any questions prior to your arrival.

Who is my point of contact?

One of our friendly representative  will be appointed to look after you. This person is here to answer your questions and deal with any requests before and after your arrival, from finding a restaurant to arranging for a baby crib to be brought in. 

What is my "Holiday-Rentals" Apartment equipped with to begin with?

The following is already in the apartment :  Cleaning products and equipment ,Fresh, high-quality towels and linen - Wi-Fi - A fully equipped kitchen and utensils, An Ironing board and iron ,a hairdryer

You can select additional services for extra fees: A dishwasher, washing machine and clothes line , Vacuum cleaner, Housekeeping, Grocery Basket Delivery, Laundry & Dry cleaning, a Local Smartphone, Airport Transfers, Restaurant discounts and more. 

Do we need to bring ID or passport?

Yes please, make sure to carry a form of identification on you. Our representative will need to take a photo of it once you arrive. 

Do I need to bring a security deposit for our stay?

Yes. A security deposit will be either a valid credit card (filled in the contract)

or a cash deposit of 300-500$ 

Can we extend our stay once we are in the apartment?

You can indeed. Subject to availability of course. Please get in touch with our seals department. If the apartment is available, we would be happy to accommodate you in the same apartment or at the very least, in a similar one.

Should I bring linen and towels?

No need. We equip all our apartments with high-quality, fresh linens and towels. 

We provide one set of linens for each bed, including:
1 sheet, 2 pillow covers, 1 blanket cover, 2 body towels, 1 face towel and a Set of  soaps

the cost of an extra set is 15$.

Should we wash our sheets before check out?

Absolutely not. We will take care of all that. You just sit back and relax. 

Are there any cleaning products in my holiday apartment?

We make sure all apartments are nice, tidy and squeaky-clean for your arrival. If needed, all apartments are equipped with a broom, mop, sponges and floor and window detergents. If you would like to book additional housekeeping, please book it during the reservation process or contact your Guest Relations. 

Do "Holiday-Rentals" apartments have an internet connection?

All of our apartments have free Wi-Fi internet connection. 

Are there any house rules?

In general, apartments are non-smoking and have a no pet policy. General rules will be sent to you in your confirmation email. 

How many sets of keys will I get?

Our apartments have code locks - the code will be provided on the phone on the day of arrival. In case of a Late check-in (after 06:00PM (18:00) it is VERY important to contact us a day prior to your arrival so that we can provide you with the codes.

In what case will we use your security deposit ?

The following reasons: Damaged or broken furniture Damaged kitchen appliances or lighting Damaged television of Hi-Fi equipment Stained or damaged walls and upholstery Broken dishes, windows or mirrors Damaged or missing accessories Flooding or fire If something gets damaged during your stay, please just contact your Guest Relations.

What to do should there be any issues with the apartment?

Just call one of our representative. We will address the problem as soon as possible.

Can I get a price quote without booking?

You absolutely can. Do this easily through the website — select specific dates and the selected apartment and follow the booking steps for a precise price quote. First come, first served - In order to ensure your selected holiday apartment remains available, we recommend that you not delay your booking when the place is available. 

Can I cook in the apartment?

Unleash your inner chef. All our kitchens are fully-functional. 

Is it safe?

Absolutely - all of "Holiday-Rentals" apartments are totally secure and private. Nobody will access it during you stay, except by your own request.

At what times can we check-in and check-out?

You can check-in from 2.00 pm and check-out is at 10 am. Since we are greeting you at the apartment, please let us know should you arrive earlier or later then scheduled as soon as possible. You can also check-in during the night. Please note that if you wish to depart after 10 am, you will be requested to pay for half of the night. 

What about an early-check-in or a late check-out?

An early check-in is certainly possible as long as apartment is ready for you. Please let Our representative know. Check out is until 10.00 am. Any later is Subject to availability, you will be charged half the price of the following night. Depending on circumstances, we will try and arrange the best solution for you. 



Can I store my luggage with you if I leave a little later or come earlier?

you can pop your bags in our office at ben yehuda 53 st. (within office houres 09:00 am -06:00 pm) for a few hours. 

Will someone be there when I leave?

Yes this will be coordinated with our representative. This depends on your time of departure

What should I do when I leave?

Just be sure to turn off all lights, air conditioning and close all doors and windows. .Our gusts are expected to clean the dishes they used and empty out the trash, our team will do the rest.

Is it possible to receive a receipt for the payment?

It is indeed. Just mention this to Our representative. 

Is water, internet and electricity included in the fee?

No additional fee will be charged. for water or internet.

the electricity is an extra charge 

5-7 dollrs for stays under 14 nights and meter reading for longer stays

Can I pay through my PayPal account?

Yes. There is an additional charge of 3.5%

Can I pay with credit card?

Yes the option will be presented during the payment process. There is an additional charge of 2.4%. we charge in INS (Israeli New Sheqel) only 

How much should I pay for cleaning fees?

The cleaning fee appears when booking and is calculated according to the number of rooms in the apartment. An additional  cleaning is available with an extra fee of 95$-140$.

Can I pay in cash and in what currency ?

Yes. we accept dollars euros and shekel.

Are we expected to clean the apartment before check out ?

Our guests are expected to clean the dishes they used and empty out the trash, our team will do the rest.